Clown is about energy

To me, there is a clear red thread between training to become a clown and the creation of a positive and potent process to be present and to see all the possibilities we have on how to act – it is a matter of catching the impulses.

The clown teaches us, how to build relationships based on an authentic, eye to eye communication with the people around us. And how to transform energy and lift it. So to be around clowns is to find yourself in the most accepting and loving environment. And the best of it all, is that we all somewhere deep down have an inner clown :).

Here is a list of clown qualities:

  • A clown infuses energy into a room.
  • A clown improvises and make up new rules with a smile.
  • For a clown a conflict is a basis for a great scene.
  • A clown makes mistakes all the time. This is the grand part of being human.
  • A clown never dies.
  • A clown goes for the contact.
  • A clown makes eye contact. Most of the time.
  • A clown has his or her own rhythm.
  • For a clown there is no judgement. Things just are. They happen.
  • A clown is see-trough. Transparent. Innocent. It means that he or she can not hold or hide a lie.
  • A clown uses the emotions as a guide. All emotions are.
  • A clown looks for his or her own pleasure in whatever happens.
  • A clown is at eye level with his or her audience.




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