Clown of Changes

If you want to understand something, you have to experience it.

This is a sentence I try to live by. As a result, I have spent hours of training to become a clown. I became quite taken by the clown back in 2006, while studying to become a sociologist in Argentina; but it was not up until about a year ago, when I began writing about the clown that I understood that in order to be able to write thoroughly about the clown, I had to become one.

I  went back to Argentina to begin exploring and now I am in the process of becoming a clown-sociologist. Whatever that is. I do my best to develop thoughts and collect experiences on how you can create contact using the energy of the clown. And I am working on how to put words to a fascinating art form that can create magic, humor and uplift people. I will write my descriptions here that in time, probably a lot of time, is going to become a book.



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